Ekstein Development Group, founded by Erik Ekstein, is a privately owned company specializing in real estate development. EDG focuses on building and developing residences that appeal to the diverse lifestyles of its residents. The company portfolio ranges from unique and charming but affordable rental properties to newly constructed ultra-luxury condominiums, all of which encompass an array of deluxe building amenities. With each project, we exemplify distinction and quality in construction, design, and urban planning and consistently display a stellar record of efficiency in all financial phases. EDG is dedicated to strengthening the community by offering all New Yorkers a place to call home.


The Pinnacle Group is an experienced owner and manager of residential properties throughout New York City. In addition to ground-up development, Pinnacle has successfully converted over 50 residential properties to cooperative or condominium ownership. Pinnacle manages in excess of 10,000 residential units, as well as several commercial properties.


Modlin Group is recognized as the leading boutique real estate agency in New York City. Adam D. Modlin started Modlin Group in 1999. Adam remains committed to high standards including discretion, integrity and reputation as the core values of the company. He covets his special relationships and always prioritizes people over the deal. With a discerning eye for aesthetics, Adam is known by his peers and clients for his thoughtful approach. He has developed a diverse clientele around the world that rely on his expertise, knowledge and discretion to advise and represent on complicated negotiations and transactions. He is known for representing clients in Private Equity/Hedge Funds, Banking, Real Estate, Entertainment, Media, Technology and Sports industries.




Morris Adjmi Architects interpret the historic forces that shape our cities to design buildings that are both contextual and contemporary. Our diverse team of architects, interior designers, and administrators is guided by a shared belief that timeless ideas about beauty and harmony can be integrated into the modern built environment, but the expression of those ideas must reflect the way we live today. MA’s collaborative, research-based approach has helped establish us as a leader in the revitalization of post-industrial neighborhoods and historic districts with commercial, residential, and cultural projects that are imbued with a distinct sense of place and purpose.




With decades of collective experience in the advertising and marketing spaces, SWAT hones laser-focused strategic insight into ground-breaking and effective creative work. With a unique, hands-on approach, SWAT deeply integrates itself into its clients’ teams, creating collaborative relationships unheard of in the industry. From inception, to brand reinvention, to business strategy, SWAT creates solutions at every stage of business growth.





Alan Hill Design is a Brooklyn based creative agency with over 30 years experience in branding real estate, cultural, fashion, and packaging for domestic and international clients. Common throughout is an appreciation for the singular brand voice unique to each client—brand identity development informed by strategic analysis—from naming and logo design through to print and interactive media.



The Neighborhood is a Manchester, England based digital visualization agency creating immersive experiences for brands ranging from cities to stores to residential developments. In the residential sector we seek to bring spaces to life for clients and customers in a unique and compelling way via renderings, animation and VR.